Open your Ibotta app and check out your March Teamwork bonus offer! Through the month of March, earn an extra $5.00 when you earn $10.00 in rebates and your team earns $15.00 in total rebates. Remember that Teamwork credit is based only on rebates earned, not bonuses or referrals. In order to complete the Teamwork bonus, both the required amount of rebates must be redeemed by you along with the required amount of rebates redeemed by the team.

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March Level 1

  • Level 1: Earn $5.00 when you redeem $10.00 or more in rebates and your team redeems $15.00 in total rebates. The best part is that all the money you earn goes toward your total team!

The bigger your team, the faster you'll earn. Build your team by connecting to your Facebook through the Ibotta app. Make sure that all of your friends are also connected. Once everyone is connected through Facebook, you will be automatically added to each other's teams.