Have you heard the latest from Reebok? They just launched a brand-new shoe called the ZPump Fusion. Here’s why it’s such a big deal.

ZPump Fusion Specs:

  • They’ve created a brand-new technology that custom fits to your foot. The air-filled cage pumps up and molds to any runner’s foot creating a perfect fit with loads of support.
  • The body of the shoe is more like a sock. You slide your foot in without having to worry about odd placement of the tongue or movement of the sleeve that might disrupt your run or create discomfort.
  • They have Zrated outsoles that help with stability and movement.

Because we were so curious as to how these really feel, we ordered a pair ourselves and gave them a try. At first try on, we were surprised to find that there wasn’t much support. Then we remembered the Pump technology. With a few pumps, we were amazed at how well the shoe molded to our foot.

Overall Impression:

  • We like the way your foot slides into the shoe like a sock. The fabric is of premium quality and wears great. Since it’s seamless, you don’t have to worry about any uncomfortable rubbing.
  • The pump technology really is cool. It’s amazing how these literally mold to your foot.
  • They’re very true to size.
  • We imagine these being good shoes for the casual runner.
  • We have to admit, while the sleeve is nice, it is a little difficult to get on.
  • There still remained a lot of room in the upper part of the foot. A tighter fit toward the top half of the foot might feel a bit better.

Overall, it’s definitely fun to try out a new pair of running shoes. Our feet felt great after a good three miles. So head to Reebok and check out the latest and greatest for yourself.

The Deal Angle

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