Check your email (and don’t forget the spam folder)! If you’ve opted in to receive emails from, you may have received one of several great purchase-based coupons. These are typically sent out on Thursdays. Keep in mind that not everyone gets them each week. To increase your chances, be sure to connect your extracare card to an email address at Also, be sure to opt-in to receive emails (click on the “my information” tab). You will receive promotional emails with great coupons like this one, as well as access to customized coupons!

Coupons reported this week are: 20% off, 25% off, $4.00/$20.00 purchase, $5.00/$15.00 purchase, and a $6.00/$30.00 purchase.

These coupons typically expire 3-4 days after you print them (or send them to your card). You can print now to use with this week’s sales, or print on Sunday (the last day to print) and check back with us then to see ideas for using these coupons with next week’s sales and promotions.

To learn more about how purchase-based coupons work at CVS, be sure to visit our tutorial!