Today, Ibotta launched tons of new any-brand rebate offers! There are cash-back offers for fresh fruit, veggies, milk, bread and so much more. These rebates can be redeemed for any brand at any store. Check your Ibotta app for the following any-brand rebates and tell us about the great deals you find!

Keep in mind, offers may vary from person to person.


Milk, Receive $0.30
Orange Juice, Receive $0.30
Coffee, Receive $0.30
Soda, Receive $0.30

Fruits & Veggies

Bananas, Receive $0.20
Tomatoes, Receive $0.20
Lettuce, Receive $0.20
Onions, Receive $0.20
Green Peppers, Receive $0.20
Frozen Veggies, Receive $0.30


Bacon, Receive $0.30 
Bread, Receive $0.30
Shredded Cheese, Receive $0.30
Frozen Pizza, Receive $0.30
Pasta, Receive $0.30
Red Pasta Sauce, Receive $0.30
Cereal, Receive $0.30
Yogurt, Receive $0.30
Peanut Butter, Receive $0.30
Ice Cream, Receive $0.30
Eggs, Receive $0.30