If you’ve been to the coupon page at target.com, you might notice that they are making changes. Most of the coupons are now duplicates of available coupons from coupons.com. Because they are duplicates, you will only be able to get two prints per computer from either coupons.com OR the Target coupon page. There ARE still Target coupons, but most of them now appear on the last pages of coupons.target.com.

The biggest improvement from this change is that you can now print from the Target coupon page using the Chrome browser. This has been a big problem for the past few months. Another change that isn’t such an improvement is that we will no longer be able to direct link coupons for you. Looking for a specific coupon? Use the search bar at the top of the Target coupon page to search for coupons that we post about.

To access the Target coupon page, go to coupons.target.com. Right now there is an error message if you click on the coupons category at the bottom of the main page at target.com. Bookmark the above link for future reference.