This month, look for $2.80 instant savings on Skippy peanut butter at Costco. The regular price for a two-pack of 48-ounce jars is $9.99. After the discount, the price drops to $7.19. That’s just $3.60 for a 48-ounce jar of Skippy peanut butter!

Use Instant Savings $2.80/1 –Skippy or Jif Peanut Butter, limit 2

Final Price: $7.19, or $3.60 per jar, or $0.08 per ounce

Compare to Walmart:

The price for a two-pack of 40-ounce Skippy peanut butter is $10.78 at Walmart. That’s a good deal; however, it is only for 40-ounce jars versus Costco’s 48-ounce jars. When we break down the cost per ounce, Walmart’s price is significantly higher. Clearly, the Costco price is better!

Final Price: $10.78, or $5.39 per jar, or $0.13 per ounce