This morning at Walmart, I found lots of summer clothing and shoes on clearance! Flip-flops are only $0.50. Girls’ t-shirts and shorts are $2.00. When prices are this low, it’s a good idea to stock up for the following year. I not only got clothes for my own kids, but I also picked up outfits for my nieces and nephews who have birthdays in the spring and summer. With kids, it’s usually safe to pick out items one or two sizes bigger than their current size.

Remember, clearance items and prices vary at each Walmart. Your store may have more clearance items or none of these items at all. However, when it comes to end-of-season clothing clearance, it’s a safe bet that your store will have similar summer items on sale. It’s worth taking a look while you’re shopping!

Comment below! Tell us what you find at your Walmart and let us know your location.