In all of your attempts to save money at the grocery store, every little thing helps, right? Well here’s a bit more info about an app we recently featured in our latest video Save Hundreds with These 7 Grocery Apps! Watch it if you haven’t–it’s a good one!

It’s called Key Ring, and it helps users plan, save, and stay organized at the store.

What Can You Do with Key Ring?

  • Store loyalty cards on your phone so they're there when you need them. Scan and store grocery cards, gym cards, library cards, gift cards…you name it. Loyalty cards scan straight from your phone at the checkout counter, saving you money instantly.
  • Gain instant access to the weekly sales of over 170 retailers. They’re now conveniently available on your phone. Browse weekly deals, add items to your shopping list, and set reminders.
  • Create and customize shopping lists to take with you on the go. Include coupons and weekly sales to make sure you're getting the best price for the items on your shopping list.

New & Improved Key Ring Features:

  • Key Ring recently redesigned the app to make adding a card super simple. Just click the "Quick Add" button to easily add new loyalty cards, find stores, and create shopping lists.
  • All your opportunities to save–like loyalty cards, circulars, and coupons–are now grouped by retailer for easy browsing and use at the stores.
  • Users can now follow stores for savings content, even if the store doesn't have a loyalty card. Now Key Ring can be used to save money at Target, Walmart, restaurants and more.
  • See what’s trending with a curated feed of the savings content most viewed and most used by the Key Ring community.
  • Get a localized feed that displays savings closest to you. It also shows distance to the store.

Key Ring is available for free on iOS and Android. For easy download, app lovers go here.