For a limited time, Kindermusik is offering a free class for kids! Simply sign up on their website, and children ranging from newborns up to 7 years of age can enjoy a free after-school activity!

Kindermusik in an early childhood education music and movement program, where children can have fun singing, moving, playing instruments and hearing stories—all of which build a strong foundation of early childhood development!

Trained, licensed Kindermusic educators guide each class from one activity to the next, with varying activities provided for children of different ages.

Sign up today to get your kids in their free Kindermusik class!

Sign Up:

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  • Enter your zip code on the left to find a class near you and click "Submit."
  • Enter your name and address and click "Try a Free Class."
  • You will be contacted by a Kindermusik educator to set up your free class!