This isn’t a trick! Quarterly extrabucks will be printing starting today, 10/1! Make sure to scan your ExtraCare card at the CVS Coupon Center to see how much you have earned. Or, log in to your online ExtraCare account to see your reward. Use this free CVS money towards a future purchase. Check out all the CVS deals this week and use these extrabucks to lower your out-of-pocket cost!

Not familiar with quarterly rewards? Earn 2% in extrabucks rewards for all your purchases each quarter. There are some exclusions, of course–the rewards are not valid on extrabucks promotions, alcohol or gift cards. The calculation is based on the post-coupon total. It is always a nice surprise at the end of each quarter to see those quarterly extrabucks spit out of the machine!

How many extrabucks did you receive this quarter?