Stock up on cereal! General Mills cereals are on sale this week at Albertsons for $1.69 each when you buy eight. Price match at Walmart and use a couple of $1.00 coupons to save big! A 12.5-ounce box of Honey Nut Cheerios regularly costs $2.62. I bought eight, price matched to the Albertsons price of $1.69, and used four $1.00/2 coupons. The final price was $1.19 per box.

Be sure to select one of the following varieties, as they are listed in the Albertsons ad:

Cheerios, 12 oz
Multi-Grain Cheerios, 9 oz
Cookie Crisp, 11.25 oz
Honey Nut Cheerios, 12.25 oz
Boo Berry, 9.6 oz
Franken Berry, 9.5 oz
Count Chocula, 10.4 oz

Price Match to Albertsons Sale Price of $1.69 Each, When You Buy 8 through 11/3 (check your local ad) 

Use two $1.00/2General Mills Cereal: Flavored Cheerios (

And use two $1.00/2General Mills Big G Cereals (

Final Price: $1.19 each, when you buy 8