In some circles, Pley has been touted as the "Netflix of LEGO" ever since its debut. Yes, it’s that big! So what is it?

What is Pley?

Instead of buying the pricey building blocks that all kids love, adore, and just have to have, you rent them. It's easier on your wallet (and your feet!) and addresses that moving target of kids' activities—changing interests.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Join today and get one month free with a 6-month subscription. That’s a little over just $16 per month! But they also have a 3-month option and a monthly option.
  • Cancel anytime without penalty.
  • Shipping is free both ways.
  • If your child falls in love with a set, you can buy it.
  • LEGO sets are cleaned and sanitized before shipping.
  • Rest assured, Pley does not charge for lost pieces.
  • Choose from more than 250 LEGO sets.
  • You can trade in LEGO sets you own for $5 per pound in Pley credit!

There you have it! Pretty genius, right?

So sign up now and get one month for free! It’s worth a try — and makes a pretty legit Christmas gift for that LEGO lover in your life!