Great news, Swagbucks members! There’s a brand new way to make some extra Swag Bucks!

I'm sure you all know how Bingo works, right? Well, Swagbucks has combined Bingo and SB into a whole new earning experience. Here are all the details:

  • Check your account for your Swago Board. Go to your Swago Board and hit "Join." If you don't hit "Join" you won't get credit for completing the action items.
  • Each square on your Swago Board will contain an action item to complete. They can be anything from getting a search win, getting a Survey DQ/OQ, or earning SB in nCrave.
  • Once you complete the action item in a particular square, the square will turn blue signifying the action item is complete.
  • You have a limited amount of time to mark off as many squares as possible, so use your time wisely.
  • Be mindful of the patterns and their corresponding bonuses located on the right of your Swago Board. The patterns will vary in difficulty and bonus value.
  • Once you've achieved a pattern, the corresponding "Submit" button will turn blue. You can have multiple patterns available for submission; however, you can only submit one pattern, so choose wisely.
  • The game ends Monday, December 28th at 11:59pm PT/December 29th at 2:59am ET. So make sure to hit "Submit" on the pattern you wish to submit. If you don't hit "Submit" before the game ends, you won't receive your SB bonus.

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