This is a no-coupon freebie! Hurry over to Highlights Magazine HERE where you can score a free three-month subscription for absolutely nothing! These magazines are great for children of all ages and work WONDERS on car rides! This freebie can disappear at any time, so hurry and claim your magazines now before this offer ends!

Choose between three options:

  • Highlights Hello Magazine for children ages 0-2
  • Highlights High Five for children ages 2-6
  • Highlights Magazine for children ages 6-12

Signing up for your free magazines is easy. Simply click HERE to choose which magazine you'd like, then fill in your basic information. Highlights does ask for your payment information; however, you are not charged anything during your three months. If you choose to continue your subscription past the free three months, simply do nothing, and you'll be charged for a 1-year subscription. Feel free to cancel anytime by calling 1-888-372-6433.