You know when you find a deal and you immediately want to call everyone you know to tell them about it? That’s what is happening right now. Seriously, picture me standing on a rooftop yelling “GUYS! GO BUY THIS THERMOMETER RIGHT NOW“… and, yeah, it’s not lost on me that I’m getting excited about a thermometer which is suuuuuuper lame. I get it.

Here’s the deal. The Kinsa Thermometer is legit. It’s the number one pediatrician recommended smart thermometer. It takes your temperature AND when synched with the free smartphone app, it also does things that will make you a way better mom. Here’s everything you need to know:

Just download the free Kinsa Smart Thermometer app.

It’s available for iOs and Android phone, so everyone should be covered.


Sync it to your Kinsa smart thermometer.

This takes about 12 seconds.


Create unique profiles for each of your family members.

This really brings out the OCD in me, and now I’m kinda hoping my kids get a fever. Just kidding, that’s not true.


Watch the bubbles while Kinsa takes accurate temperature reading in 10 seconds.

Little bubbles appear on the screen, and when you touch them they pop. Instant entertainment for my wiggly toddler.


Select associated symptoms like cough and runny nose.

I hope I’m not the only one who gets to the doctor and immediately forgets everything I was going to tell the nurse about my kid’s symptoms. Happens every. single. time.  Keep a log of your child’s symptoms and even record the time of day with the Kinsa app that syncs with the thermometer.


Add medications and dosage time (genius!).

I blame mom-brain for this but I’m terrible about remembering when I gave my kids their medicine. With the Kinsa Thermometer, you can log the medication, time and dosage in less than 10 seconds.


Refer back to temperature log to track fevers.

This is just genius.  It’s like the mom sidekick I’ve always needed for sick kids. Love, love, love.  The latest Kinsa thermometer retails for $19.99 at Amazon and This $15 sale is the lowest price we could find by $4.99!


I have no idea how long this price will last. Buy now!