Did you know that you can earn money simply by reducing your energy consumption? That’s right. Cut down on your home’s energy use and get paid for it. Sounds a little too good to be true. But it’s not. In fact, this movement has started in most of California.

Welcome to the world of OhmConnect.

OhmConnect is a company that’s helping reduce wasted energy and incentivizing you for jumping on board.

How, you wonder? Once or twice per week, the electricity grid tells OhmConnect that it would prefer to pay users to save energy instead of paying a power plant to produce more power. A text message is then sent to all OhmConnect users in the area asking them to cut down on energy use. The grid then pays OhmConnect and OhmConnect passes along those earnings to you when you help.

It’s a free service that simply tells you when to reduce energy and pays you to save at certain times. It’s easy, free and can earn you up to $300 in savings.

For now, it’s only available in California because their state energy authority prefers to pay people to save energy instead of paying power plants to produce more.

Sign Up Now to Earn $20 Immediately.

  • Sign up for an OhmConnect here.
  • Sync it with your online utility account through PG&E, SDG&E or Southern California Edison. Note: an online account is a must. If you don’t have one, set up is simple.
  • To participate just receive a text message once per week about 15 minutes before the power plants turn on.
  • Earn by holding off on doing any high energy activities, like laundry or dishes.
  • Reduce energy and earn!
  • You can choose to personally cash out or donate earnings to non-profits/schools.

Join the Movement Now!