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Over 20 Honest Company Products for Free--Just Pay to Ship!

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EXPIRED Apr 22, 2016

This is one of our favorite deals, and it’s an awesome way to try out new products, or gift them to friends or family members that are expecting!

Sign up for Honest Company and get not one, but TWO free trials; just pay $5.95 for shipping! With this deal, you’re getting a total of 22 items to try before you buy!

To give you an idea of how great this deal is, Target currently sells the Essentials Bundle Trial for $13.99. That means you're getting TWO trials for less than half of one bundle anywhere else.

What’s Included in the Diapers & Wipes Bundle:

A sample size of safe, high performing diapering essentials. This bundle includes seven diapers and a 10-count pack of wipes.

Get your Diaper/Wipe Bundle here.

What’s Included in the Essentials Bundle:

A trial size of 5 personal care & home cleaning essentials. Your free bundle includes healing balm, hand soap, lotion, cleaner and shampoo/body wash.

Get your Essentials Bundle here.

How to Order:

  • Visit to get started.
  • Select one or both trials (remember shipping is the same whether you sign up for one or two).
  • Create a new Honest Co account.
  • Enter shipping and billing information.
  • Personalize your bundle; then, review and place your order.

The Catch:

You have 7 days following your purchase to cancel your membership at any time, for any reason. If you choose not to cancel, you will automatically be enrolled as a member of The Honest Company and will be charged the normal monthly price (diapers & wipes $79.95 and essentials $39.95), plus shipping and handling. The best part is that if you choose to cancel, the trials are yours to keep!