The Who: My kids are hooked on InboxDollars, the high-paying survey company sending them multiple opportunities per day to earn quick cash.

The What: When they send emails, they pick and choose opportunities paying the most. Imagine your own kids becoming financially independent more quickly!

The Why: Here are a few examples of recent opportunities in my inbox:

  • Sign up for a free month of Lifelock and earn $11.75.
  • Sign up for Fingerhut credit and earn $5.
  • Sign up for a free month of Texture and earn $1.50.
  • Just jump out of any offers you don't want within the month and you're golden.
  • Total for 3 email offers: $18.25.

The When: With InboxDollars, the minimum cash-out amount is $30, so they’ll reach PayPal payout pretty quickly.

The How: InboxDollars also has an app for both Apple and Android phones, so it's easy to earn on the go. You can also refer friends and earn 10% of whatever they earn. And why not? They borrow your stuff.

How much will you (or your kids) earn in an hour with InboxDollars? Go now!