We get enough email without companies maxing out our inboxes. Shermans Travels  totally gets it and here’s why:

They’re too busy curating amazing deals to send you junk.

Shermans’ editors screen hundreds of travel deals a week and publish only the best ones in their travel deals e-newsletter, Shermans Top 25, which reaches more than 3 million subscribers every Wednesday.

Hey. When you’re good at something, you don’t need to email several times per week to toot your horn; you need to keep bringing the great deals.

This week’s travel deals include:

  • $59 Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort (includes breakfast and bowling)
  • $206 Fly round-trip to the Bahamas (Nassau)
  • $1349 Spain: 8-Night Madrid, Barcelona & Seville Trip (includes Air and Transportation)

I even get deals specifically curated based on my interests.

Sign up here for their (weekly) emails and see for yourself! Visit Shermans Travel to get started.


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