I can’t even count the number of times I’m at the store each week (it’s a little embarrassing). One way I make it pay is through National Consumer Panel!

Tip: A little birdie told us new spots just opened up and are limited, so don't wait!

What's National Consumer Panel?

National Consumer Panel pays me for feedback on what I already buy at the grocery store. My opinions help manufacturers and retailers make decisions about which products to develop or improve and sell in the marketplace!

It's perfect since I have some extra time and love earning a little extra spending cash.

How Does NCP Work?

Members are given an easy-to-use handheld scanner. I just scan bar codes during my weekly shopping trip and submit that information every week. Then I earn points I can redeem for a wide variety of rewards.

And, for every week I turn in purchase information, I’m entered into a monthly drawing for one of twenty-five $500 American Express Rewards Cards (members can enter up to four times per month).