The dilemma: Every year, I ride the same, exact struggle bus – next stop: What to get my husband for Father’s Day. It’s a special holiday calling for something more sentimental than what I typically get him for his birthday or Christmas.

The lightbulb moment: At a friend’s house, we saw two beautifully printed photo books of their wedding, and it hit me: An album of the kids would make a great gift for Father’s Day. We have so many pictures of our adventures on our phones, and this is the perfect excuse to print and display them in a unique way in our home.

Here’s why I went with MyPublisher to create this keepsake album over a professional photography studio – and keep reading until the end to see how you can get a FREE photo album!

1. I get a quality, professionally designed album with unlimited options.

I won’t fib; the design process presented a challenge the first time I used it. I’m not totally tech savvy, so I spent some time working out some of the software features. After some basic troubleshooting, I enjoyed figuring out which pictures to select and how I wanted to display them on the pages. Because I was able to adjust the layouts of the photo pages, they fit the sizes of the pictures I wanted to use. I could also add text or special background images. For the purposes of my coffee table album, I went with a minimalistic look.


The 411 on my MyPublisher Premium album:

Finished album size: 14″ x 11″ (and it weighs a ton)
Cover: Matte Photo Finish Hard cover featuring a full photo cover and a leather spine.
Pages: 20 Pages – Durable, rigid pages, coated with a protective lacquer to withstand the natural wear and tear of use and maintain album structure. Standard page thickness: 1/32″. Available in a glossy or matte finish.
Price: $500 (complimentary for the purpose of this review). Keep reading to learn how to receive yours for $150!


2. The archival, heavy pages and thick cover make this a treasured coffee table keepsake album.


The album is a generously sized coffee table book, and is, frankly, much larger (and heavier) than I expected. The high quality materials are rich and absolutely what I expected for the price point. The pages of the album are thick, and the crisp resolution, with its clean, modern presentation, will be a family keepsake for generations to come. What’s more, the beautiful, heavy keepsake box protects your album when you’re not proudly displaying it on your coffee table.


3. Double-page album spreads and leather bindings make each album a unique heirloom perfect for any decor.

Because I can customize my album to the hilt, I opted for the leader binding and unique page layouts which look like they were designed by a photography team. The album even lays flat on my table for display.

Bonus: Short on time and need something gorgeous? If you’re looking for something super customizable, you can have the MyPublisher design experts lay out each page of your album for you for only $20.


4. Bespoke professional quality albums cost far less than we’d pay for a professional photographer’s album services.

At $300 for a typical album, sure the price point feels a little bit high (keep reading, because we’ve got an exclusive deal below!) — that is, until you consider what it costs to purchase a la carte albums from a custom photography studio. With our exclusive 50% off code, I was able to order a premium photo album for as little as $150 (try getting that from a photography studio for that price point). Given the quality of the album, it’s a pretty fair price!


5. Quick shipping ensures I have my coffee table album within 2 – 4 weeks.

Unlike photography studios who often take up to 8 weeks for a completed album, MyPublisher had my album to me within 3 weeks, in plenty of time for Father’s Day. What’s more, when my album arrived, it was presented in a sturdy, beautiful keepsake box with plenty of padding, ensuring that my album made it safely to my home.

One thing’s for sure: My husband will love the look and feel of the album, and my kids will love looking at their pictures in our coffee table book over and over again!

The Deal

MyPublisher offers two different options: photo books and premium photo albums. Now through June 15th, MyPublisher is offering users a FREE photo book ($34.99 value). To claim yours, click here.

They’re also offering 50% off all premium photo albums, so if you like what you see above, follow the instructions below to get yours for as little at $150!

To order your own Premium Photo Album from MyPublisher, simply:

1. Visit MyPublisher and enter your email address to get your savings code. They’ll also send it to your email so you can use it when you’re ready!

2. Click Get Started to download MyPublisher’s Free photo software.
3. Open the software and select to create a Premium Photo Album.
3. Select options such as an album format, size, and album cover.
5. Import your pictures and design your photo album.
6. Once you’re done and have approved the preview, you’ll begin the checkout process.
7. You’ll have upgrade options such as album size, leather options, page options, corner options, gilding, and logo removal.
8. Once you’ve selected your preferences, enter in your unique savings code under promo code and click verify code to receive 50% off your order. You can also use the coupon code AFALBUM50

9. Enter your shipping and billing address, and order your album!