This offer comes and goes…fortunately, it’s been around for the past couple of months! And it’s one of our favorite ways to earn for something we are already doing–like grocery shopping!

We’re sure you’ve heard of it…NCP!

What’s National Consumer Panel?

Formerly Nielsen Home Scan, NCP sends new customers a small hand-held scanner that is used to scan items you purchase at the grocery store. Once a week, you submit this information and earn points based off your submissions. You can then redeem those points for a wide variety of rewards, including Visa reward cards, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Kindle Fire cards, electronics, and more.

Here’s the important part:

Thousands of you have signed up, and we want to know if you like it. In fact, we are looking to start a Review Team where KCL readers submit their thoughts, opinions, experiences, successes, frustrations, images, etc. all about NCP.

Spill the beans, people! We want to know if it’s worth it or a waste of time.

If you haven’t already signed up and you want to help us get to the bottom of NCP, here’s your chance. Spots are still available, but we aren’t sure for how much longer. Sign up, give it a try, and let us know your thoughts!