Do you know what today is?! It’s Sample Tuesday, which means you get the opportunity to get a bunch of samples for FREE!! All you have to do is be a PINCHme member, and when the clock hits 12PM (ET), the samples will be live!

This only happens once a month, and the samples are too good to pass up. But you’ll have to act fast, because they will go quickly!

Here’s a peek of what you can expect in this month’s box:

What’s the deal:

Like mentioned above, the samples will go live at 12PM (ET). For each product you receive, you’ll have to complete “Feedback Surveys.” These go live two weeks after you receive your samples. You’ll have 60 days to complete these surveys or they expire. This is super important, because if you have any surveys left incomplete, you won’t be able to try out new products the following month. Check out all the rules here.