Why not get paid for all of that holiday shopping you’re doing this season?! It really is as easy as it sounds! Sign up for Seashells today!

What is Seashells?

Seashells is an online site where you can get up to 20% cash back on over 150 popular retailers! We’re talking Amazon, Nike, Macy’s, Walmart and more! Skip the retailer’s site and shop directly through Seashells (in-store and online).

All you have to do is buy a gift card on Seashells for the amount you want to spend, use it to pay either online or in-store, and instantly earn cash back.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Say you’re shopping on Amazon, and your total is $49.50. You’ll want to buy a gift card for that amount on Seashells and then you’ll instantly get $1.48 put into your account (like shown below). Cash out or use those rewards at any time.

The best part is that they’ll give you a free $5 when you sign up!