Family Dollar has some pretty stellar prices. Check out this week’s matchup with almost 20 stock-up deals.

On top of that, they also have some pretty exciting news. Family Dollar has a brand new game show centered all around smart shopping!

Introducing Save to Win.

Save to Win is a fun, fast-paced play-along game show where savvy shoppers win big cash by showcasing their knowledge of America’s favorite household brands. Two teams of two compete head-to-head as they play shopping-themed games in their studio store that resembles Family Dollar.

Hosted by celebrity chef Pat Neely, the game consists of three rounds where they test brand knowledge and incorporate Family Dollar’s Smart Coupons to win a jackpot of $5000! The primary focus is winning prizes by saving money.

To watch, enjoy and take a peek, check it out here!

So what are Smart Coupons?

If you’re unfamiliar with Family Dollar’s Smart Coupons, here’s the gist. It’s their very own digital coupon program. All you do is sign up, browse through the coupons, and add them to your account. When it’s time to check out, the coupons are deducted automatically. Simple! To learn more, go here.

To sign up and start saving big, click on the “Smart Coupons” tab on the Family Dollar website. Enter name and email address, and create a personal password. You’ll also need to enter the phone number you’d like associated with your account.

Alternately, you can sign up for this program on your mobile device. Just text SMART to 28767. You’ll then receive a link to the sign-up page.