Two down, five to go! Kohl’s shoppers, have you received your $0.21 Hamilton Beach appliances yet?

I purchased five slow cookers and two coffee makers, and both coffee makers were delivered last night. I checked the tracking numbers for the other shipments, and my slow cookers will be delivered today–YAY!

I like to submit my rebates as soon as possible. Since I received a lot of questions about submitting the rebates, I thought that I would show you how I do it. Here we go:

1. First, I compare each product barcode to the one listed in the rebate form to make sure that Kohl’s didn’t send me the wrong item.

2. Then I carefully use a box cutter to cut the barcodes off each box–the trick here is not to cut too deep.

3. That way I can basically peel off the top layer of the box without actually making a hole.

4. I fill out the form with my personal information and write the quantity I’m submitting for each item.

5. In order to make sure the barcodes won’t get lost at the rebate center, I tape them to a blank piece of paper.

6. I then make sure that the packing slip shows the correct items purchased.

7. I get the envelope ready–I need to buy a stamp today!

Once my five slow cookers arrive today, I’ll cut the barcodes from their boxes and tape them to the blank piece of paper that already has the coffee maker barcodes.

Then, I’ll make copies of EVERYTHING (barcodes, packing slips, and the rebate form) before placing them inside the same envelope. In about six to eight weeks I’ll get an $84.00 Visa Card in the mail!

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