Run to Walmart for deals on everything Valentine’s Day! I went to my store this morning, and flowers, candy, and gift items were marked 50% off. This is a great time to stock up for next year or upcoming occasions, or grab some goodies to keep in the house. I found bags of M&M’s for $1.44.

Half-price M&M’s! Bags are $1.44–what are you waiting for?

Bouquets and potted plants are as low as $2.50.

Roses are $4.99. In case he forgot.

Stuffed animals–can a child ever have enough?

Party favors are $0.49. Teachers appreciate this kind of donation.

Gift bags are $0.49. Pick ones that can be used for upcoming weddings and birthdays.

Assorted boxed chocolates are $0.50. Yum.

Whoa! Get Giant Reese’s and Hershey’s hearts for only $1.62.

Character gummy boxes are $2.50. Any Dori and Paw Patrol fans at home?

Valentine card boxes are $1.00. Stock up for next year!