At Costco, inventory is limited to keep pricing low. For example, there are only two brands of dishwasher pacs available, Cascade and Kirkland. Which brand is the better deal? What’s the quality of the Kirkland brand? Is Cascade worth the price?

Cascade is double the price of the Kirkland pacs. The Kirkland brand has received mixed reviews on, but the positive reviews make me believe it’s a good idea to try it for a savings of 50%!

“I have been buying another more expensive brand at Costco for the past few years. A few months ago I decided to try this. It cleans as well, if not better, smells great, and no longer need the rinse aid.”

Kirkland Signature Dishwasher Pacs, 115 ct $9.99, or $0.09 per pac

Cascade Complete ActionPacs, 90 ct $15.99, or $0.18 per pac

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