This is awesome! One of our new and favorite apps, Trim, just released a brand new program called Trim Savings. In a nutshell, you sign up for free, and they send you coupons that apply when you swipe your card! We’re talking additional savings on groceries, dining, movies and shopping! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Trust us–we’ve tried it and it’s legit!

Here’s what to expect during the promo period:

  • Groceries: $1 on any purchase > $5 (you’ll receive 10 of these–a total of $10 off $50)
  • Dining: $1 on any purchase > $5 (you’ll receive 10 of these–a total of $10 off $50)
  • Movies: $10 on any purchase > $20 (you will receive only once)
  • Shopping: $10 on any purchase > $50 (you will receive only once)

So, how does it work?

Head here and create a free account (which you can do either via Facebook or email). You’ll be able to activate cash back offers using Facebook Messenger. Note: in order to get the coupons, you must sync your Visa card to your account and use this card when making purchases.

Once you’ve successfully created an account, you’ll be sent the coupons via the method you chose. Once you’ve spent the threshold, you’ll receive the credit automatically in your bank account. So, like a typical coupon that applies during checkout, this is credited on your account, and trust us–it works!

Here’s an example–say you’re heading to the movie theatre and you’re making a purchase of $20.00 or more. You pay with your Visa card (the one that you’ve synced to your account), and once Trim Savings recognizes the purchase, you’ll be credited the $10 (which happens within 5-10 business days).

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