Your kids are in bed, and you’re cruising Facebook. All of a sudden you’re taking a quiz to find out which ’90s rapper you are or how many kids you should have (based on the last thing you ate). It’s fine. We all do it. #safespace

But here’s the thing… we have a way that you can take surveys online AND get paid. I signed up and spent five minutes clicking around and earned $5! Springboard America sends you e-mail invitations for surveys, but act quickly when you get an email, because only a limited number of people can participate.

With each survey, earn up to $5.00, and once you reach the $50 minimum, cash out with an Amazon gift card or Visa Paylution. I receive about two surveys in my inbox each week, but some of my friends receive even more than that–-so cashing out doesn’t take long at all!