Right now, you can sign up for Foodstirs and get delicious, organic, easy-to-make baking kits delivered to your door for cheap! We’re talking 3 months (or 3 different baking kits) for only $39.00 when you use code OPTIMAL39 at checkout.

That’s just $13 each, AND everything you need is included! If we can skip the store at any time, we’re game to give it a try!

How it works:

  • You pick–When you purchase their 3-month subscription plan, you’ll save up to $20, and plans always include free shipping.
  • You receive–Each month, Foodstirs sends you or your favorite little baker a brand-new surprise kit filled with organic mixes and ingredients and fun decorative supplies, delivered right to your door.
  • Baking begins–Create Pinterest-worthy treats in six steps or less.

We placed our order. Here’s what we thought:

For our first order, we received the Darling Daisy Cookie Bouquet Kit (shown below), and my kids absolutely loved helping! Our kit included everything we needed to make the cookies (minus the cold ingredients like butter and eggs)–cookie mix, frosting mix, sticks, flower cookie cutters, piping bags, and cup to hold them at the end.

The process was pretty seamless, and the fact that there was an ingredient card really saved us! We have two more kits coming, so stay posted!

Please note: At the end of the initial 3 month contract period (“Duration”) your Subscription Bundles will automatically renew at the regular non-discounted price for the same Duration as the original order. See their Terms & Conditions for further detail.