Check your Walmart store for some possible great deals on products in electronics! I found several Wi-Fi routers and a speaker on sale! A Linksys All-In-One Home Wi-Fi Solution was originally $199.00. Now it’s $25.00!! That’s an 87% savings!

Remember, prices and items of clearance vary at every Walmart location.

Belkin AC1200 Wi-Fi Dual-Band AC+Router, $25.00 (Was $69.97)

Linksys All-In-One Home Wi-Fi Solution, $25.00 (Was $199.00)

Hitachi Smart Wi-Fi Speaker, $15.00 (Was $99.00)

Belkin Router, $20.00 (Was $44.96)

Belkin Wi-Fi N Router, $15.00 (Was $29.96)

Belkin N600 Wi-Fi Dual-Band N+Router, $20.00 (Was $53.96)

Belkin G54N100 WiFi N+Router, $14.46
Belkin N450 WiFi Dual Band N Router, $17.50

Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Router, $17.50