At a Bankruptcy meeting earlier this week, Toys”R”Us announced its liquidation sales would begin today, Thursday March 22nd. We shared our best tips to help you prepare to save money at Toys”R”Us liquidation sales, and over 67,000 of you shared the post on Facebook.

Today, our team hit three stores in three states and found the same result everywhere–lines of eager shoppers out the door and no sales anywhere.

We will update this article as we ascertain more information about when the sales will finally begin. There are fourteen remaining weeks before all stores are slated to close. Some are expected to close even sooner. It’s a waiting game, likely tied to some last ditch efforts to sell the online Toys”R”Us business. If the entity stays intact, some inventory will be sent back to centralized distribution centers for reselling online. If it doesn’t, liquidation will be more likely to set record-low prices.

Until then, here is a totally unhelpful message from Toys”R”US:

“We understand there may have been reports of our liquidation sale starting today. We apologize for any confusion the media may have conveyed on our liquidation sale start date, however, we do not have confirmation as to when the liquidation sale will be [sic] begin. Please check back with us for further information and updates.”