Looking for a way to get your kids interested in literature and art? They’ll absolutely love these magazines from Cricket Media!

Right now, you can score two kids’ magazines for free, normally $13.90 each. All you have to pay is $1.00 for shipping.

Choose from four different titles that are each designed to engage a specific age group:

  • Babybug Magazine (for ages 6 months – 3 years): filled with stories, games and activities with joyful and bright illustrations.
  • Ladybug Magazine (for ages 3-6 years): filled with stories, poems, songs and action games for young children.
  • Spider Magazine (for ages 6-9 years): filled with fantasy and adventure stories by celebrated authors.
  • Cricket Magazine (for ages 9-14 years): filled with humorous commentary on the stories, teaching vocabulary and introducing advanced concepts.

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Photo Credit: LibLaura5