Cat owners, have you heard of Petco One

, the new cat membership that will get you all they need, every month, for just $35.00 shipped to your door?

Signing up is easy. Just click the “Get Started”

button to start customizing your plan. Enter your cat’s name, date of birth, and breed. Also select if they’re spayed/neutered. All this information will help Petco choose the products that will best fit your pet’s needs.

Then, select your cat’s preferences: pick if they eat dry food or a dry/wet food combination, as well as their favorite flavors. Petco will customize your box and show you the items that will be featured in it.

My box included one bag of WholeHearted cat food, one bag of WholeHearted cat treats, 15 cans of wet food, a toy, and a 30-pound pail of litter. All that, with the exception of the litter, was shipped to my doorstep for free. I received a store coupon via email to redeem for the litter.

Next month’s box will also include a cat scratcher, which will be sent out quarterly. Check out my savings breakdown–I saved 47% from the comfort of my home.