This is such an awesome way to get your little one reading and learning! Sign up for Disney Animal World and score a full introductory package completely free. All you have to cover is $1.95 for shipping and handling.

What will I receive in my introductory package?

Order today and get the first three volumes in the collection: books 1, 2 and 3, along with the figures Ranger Mickey and Milo the lion cub, Ranger Minnie and Tessa the lion cub, and Donald Duck and Edward the Elephant.

What will I receive each month?

After you receive your introductory package, you will receive four volumes per month for $7.49 each, plus free shipping. Sign up for Platinum and receive four issues a month, plus free gifts, for $8.49 per issue with free shipping.

Note: Your introductory package and what you receive each month (volumes, price and shipping fees) may vary depending on the offer you select.

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