The time to start packing lunch boxes is just around the corner! Check out this roundup of ten lunch box staples that cost $1.00 each at Family Dollar. The best part? All of these products are multipacks that contain single-serve packages, so you can grab one and go.

1. Applesnax Applesauce Cups 4-Pack $1.00

2. Cheez-It 4-Packs $1.00

3. Sun Maid Raisins 2-Pack $1.00

4. Juicy Juice 4-Packs $1.00

5. Select Choice Chewy Granola Bars 6-Pack $1.00

6. Jr. Dippers Cheese Dip and Bread Sticks 5-Pack $1.00

7. Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding 4-Pack $1.00

8. Pampa Mini Teddies 6-Pack $1.00

9. Lance Crackers 6-Pack $1.00

10. Keebler Fudge Stripes 4-Pack $1.00

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