I snagged some serious bargains on marked-down Aldi Finds this week!

Since coupons for LaCroix are rare, I always take advantage of an Aldi sale on this product. I got a case of LaCroix Curate for just $2.72. I also found Nature’s Nectar Fruit & Vegetable Juice Pouches marked down to $1.30, so that went in my cart as well.

Tide to Go Pens have been on the shelf at my local store for a couple of weeks. Now they’re on sale for 50% off, so I made sure to grab one.

I stocked up on some easy sides to keep in the pantry: Simply Nature Organic Mac & Puppies and Chef’s Cupboard Potato Salad Mix, all on sale for well under $1.00 each.

I added a bag of Clancy’s Pretzels, marked down to $0.90, on my way to check out.

Look for these same deals, and plenty of other markdowns, in the main aisle that carries the Aldi Finds pantry items at your local store!

Final Price: $2.10

Final Price: $1.47

Final Price: $1.30

Final Price: $0.89

Final Price: $2.72

Final Price: $0.90

Total Cost: $9.38 for all 8 products worth $15.46!

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