Ready to get spooky? Swing by Target and check out all the new Halloween decorations, activities and trick-or-treat essentials in Bullseye’s Playground! Prices range from $1.00-$7.00. Inventory varies greatly by store, so you might have to go to a few different Target stores in your area to find what you are looking for.

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Eat, Drink & Be Scary Sign $1.00

Wooden Hanging Pumpkin Sign $1.00

Plastic Candy Bucket $1.00

Halloween Socks $1.00

Sticker Boxes $1.00

Tin Candy Bucket $1.00

Sequin Pumpkin $1.00

Plate $1.00

Milk Bottles $1.00

String Lights $3.00

Pumpkin Placemats $3.00

Ceramic Candy Dish $3.00

Black Succulents $3.00

Spider Web Table Runner $3.00

Dish Towels $3.00

Decorative Pumpkin $3.00

Ceramic Candy Dish $3.00

Decorative Pumpkin $3.00

Halloween Banner $3.00

Decorative Pumpkin $3.00

Tabletop House $3.00

Decorative Pumpkin $3.00

Wooden Trick-or-Treat Sign $3.00

Hocus Pocus Wooden Sign $5.00

Haunted House Sign $5.00

Wreath $5.00

Wine Glass Set $5.00

Decorative Bin $5.00

Drinkware $7.00

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