Out of stock? Costco? Take a walk around the store, and you’ll usually see pallets stacked to the ceiling with additional inventory on hand, but not this week. As warehouses scramble to keep up with the demand of fearful shoppers, you may find that your store has run out of a few staples. My store received a shipment yesterday, and the last few packages and boxes of the most popular items were in shopper’s carts by 11 a.m.

If you’re headed to Costco, expect greeters with sanitizing wipes for your cart at the door, empty shelves or enforced limits on what’s left, bigger-than-Black Friday crowds, and lines that wrap through aisles.

Online shoppers are out of luck, too, as many of the products listed below are also sold out on Costco.com. If you want to stock up, I recommend you call your store to ask when the next shipment is arriving and be there when the doors open.

Bottled Water

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels


Sanitizing Wipes

Dog Food

Sugar and Flour


The large bags of rice were no longer available.