Update: Rite Aid has just announced that they will be extending the expiration date of all BonusCash earned from today through Apr. 30th. BonusCash earned within this time period will now expire in 60 days instead of 30.

As a response to recent public health concerns that are keeping people out of stores, Rite Aid is offering help to those who have unused BonusCash that expired recently or will be expiring soon.

Typically, BonusCash earned at Rite Aid expires 30 days after it is issued to your account. Right now, if you have a BonusCash balance that will expire soon or has recently expired, call 1-800-748-3243 to speak with a Rite Aid customer service representative about preserving your BonusCash balance.

When I called to inquire, my customer service representative let me know that they are reissuing unused BonusCash that has recently expired. Other customers have reported receiving an extension to their BonusCash expiration date. Either way, you won’t need to sacrifice the BonusCash that you have strategically saved up.

Go to RiteAid.com to check your BonusCash balance. Keep in mind that this is for preexisting Rite Aid Wellness+ members with a BonusCash balance that has been or will be affected by recent public health concerns.

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