Coffee lovers, the Starbucks deals have been few and far between recently. We haven’t seen a Starbucks Happy Hour for months, and you might be itching for some savings. Through June 8, Starbucks rewards members can collect 25 Bonus Stars with any qualifying purchase. You’ll need to pay with your Starbucks app or your registered Starbucks card to qualify. Typically, you get two Stars for every $1 spent, so this is quite a boost.

Find this offer either by scrolling through your home page, or clicking “inbox” and then “active offers.”

If you’re starting from zero, 25 Stars will qualify for a free drink customization including an added espresso shot, dairy substitute, syrup of your choice and more. If you’re working towards other rewards, the 25 stars can help you earn free bakery items, handcrafted drinks and even merchandise.

As a note, since some stores are not back to normal operations, your Stars won’t expire right now. Keep your eye on your account, though, as it seems Starbucks Star expirations will resume July 1.

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