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More about Tide One Wash Miracle:

Tide One Wash Miracle is a dual-chamber canister that combines a powerful liquid detergent with odor-eliminating agents, stored separately until you start the wash.

This combined solution helps break down body soils and other grime in your laundered items, providing you with a great clean that doesn’t mask odors and soils with perfumes and over-bearing scents.

So what’s safe to wash with Tide One Wash Miracle? You can use it with virtually all machine-washable fabrics in front load, top load, and HE washing machines. Tide’s customers have used it to clean everyday clothes, towels, pet items, and more.

Here’s how Tide One Wash Miracle works:

The unique dual-chamber technology provides a different experience than your normal detergent. As a single-use laundry solution, just remove the cap and label, pour it in to activate the solution, drop in the canister, and start your laundry. Remove the canister before moving items over to the dryer.

Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Remove the label and lid on your Tide One Wash Miracle.
  2. Toss the entire canister into the washer, or pour entire contents into the washer.
  3. Add your clothes and wash normally.

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