Get two free cans of Heinz Condensed Soups in stores at Walmart. We found these soups on clearance for $2 each, marked down from $4.48. Not only are these soups on clearance, but they’re also eligible for a few Ibotta and Shopkick rebate offers.

We paid $4 for both cans of soup at checkout. After completing the transaction, we scanned the receipt with Shopkick to get 450 kicks ($1.80). We also scanned the receipt with Ibotta for an additional $2 back.

First, download the Shopkick app. Leave the app open when you walk into the store to get 10 kicks ($0.04). You can also get 50 kicks ($0.20) for scanning the Heinz Soup product barcodes.

Be sure to download the Ibotta app before shopping. You must add the Heinz offer to your list prior to buying. This step is required if you plan on redeeming the rebate offer.

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