While the government is trying to figure out if and how another round of stimulus checks will be sent out, Mountain Dew has announced a stimulus of their own. The soft drink company announced the “Mountain Dew Outdoor Stimulus,” which started Wednesday, July 15, and continues while supplies last.

If you hunt or fish, Mountain Dew wants to give you up to $20 — the “Mountain Dew Outdoor Stimulus” — to reimburse you for your hunting or fishing license.

Here’s what you’ll do to claim your $20 Outdoor Stimulus:

  • Snap a photo of your hunting or fishing license (and make sure your name and purchase date are visible).
  • Visit DewOutdoors.com.
  • Enter your permit number, state, and type.
  • Upload the photo (or screenshot) of your permit.
  • Provide your contact info and how you’d like to be reimbursed.