Sign up for Smart Panel today and earn passive income while influencing technology. Just run their Smart App on your tech devices to earn up to $150 per year. Plus, you’ll score a $10 bonus just for completing your first month.

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About Smart Panel

Smart Panel is a community collaboration between Verto Analytics and consumers to find out how people interact with their favorite websites, apps, and devices. Joining Smart Panel helps build valuable insights about how people use the internet across all their devices. By installing their Smart App on your devices, you can earn up to $150 each year.

Some participation benefits include the following:

  • Monthly passive income and extra quarterly loyalty bonuses
  • $10 just for completing your first month
  • Up to $10 per completed survey, plus entry into extra survey giveaways
  • Entries to regular monthly giveaways
  • A bonus for being named “Smartie of the Month” and winning brand-new devices by entering social media promotion giveaways

You can start qualifying for surveys, getting entered into giveaways, and earning rewards in as little as 30 days.

What is Smart App?

Smart App is a research app that installs on your tech devices. It measures things like which apps you use, how long you use them, and what you search on the internet.

Smart App doesn’t collect photos, passwords, banking information, or text messages. They don’t share your personally identifiable information with any of their partners, either.

Just keep Smart App running on all your devices to earn rewards. Your data is anonymous and used solely for research purposes. The data collected by the Smart App is encrypted and collected via a secure VPN network.

How to join:

  1. Head online to the Smart Panel Smart App Research Study.
  2. Review the basics of the program.
  3. Click “Get Started.”
  4. Complete your profile.
  5. Connect your devices.
  6. Start earning rewards.