Get Parodontax and Sensodyne toothpaste for just $2.04 each at Walmart. Combine coupons, Ibotta rebates, and Shopkick offers to save big on these two brands.

Before shopping, print the two coupons. You’ll need to print the $1.25 Parodontax coupon and $1 Sensodyne coupon. Download the Shopkick app and open it while in the store. You’ll get 10 walk-in kicks ($0.04). You’ll also want to scan each of the product barcodes for a total of 30 kicks ($0.12).

After paying $9.59 for the two tubes of toothpaste, you’ll submit your receipt to Ibotta and Shopkick for cash back. Download the Ibotta app and activate the offers by adding them to your list. Submit your receipt and get $1.25 for each toothpaste. When you submit your receipt to Shopkick, you’ll receive 275 kicks ($1.10) per toothpaste, as well as 175 kicks ($0.70) as a bonus for buying both.