Next week, there are a few Only for You spend threshold coupons available. You’ll need to sign up for a Balance Rewards account as well as download the Walgreens app to view and clip these coupons. Note that this is just a sneak peek. These coupons won’t go live until Sunday, Sept. 27, and will expire on Oct. 3.

It’s important to note a few things when using spend threshold coupons. When stacking these coupons with a “spend $x, receive x” Balance Rewards Points promotion, you must hit the spend threshold after the Just for You coupon has been applied since it’ll lower your out-of-pocket spending. However, if you stack an Only for You coupon with a “buy x, receive x” Points promotion, you don’t need to worry about your out-of-pocket spending. Remember that these coupons each have a limit of one. Confused? Learn more about how to coupon at Walgreens.

Please clip the coupon as soon as you see it to ensure that you’re all ready to go for next week’s deals.

Be sure to keep an eye out for deals next week highlighting these coupons.

  • Receive 5,000 Balance Rewards Points when you spend $20
  • Receive 4,000 Balance Rewards Points when you spend $30
  • Receive 10,000 Balance Rewards Points when you spend $55
  • $4/$18 – Multi-brand purchase