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More about Apple News+:

Apple News+ delivers a diverse collection of the world’s best publications with vivid photography and animation, videos, and immersive digital layouts. Swipe through issues from cover to cover or download them to read on the go.

You get every article in every title, all for one price without ever hitting a paywall. You can also hear professionally narrated versions of the week’s most thought‑provoking articles with Apple News+ audio stories. Take in a 4,000‑word, long‑form feature in around 20 minutes.

As you read, Apple News learns your interests and suggests relevant stories that you can easily find throughout the app. Plus, Apple News doesn’t access your information without your permission, and Apple won’t share it with advertisers.

How to get your free month:

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  2. Enter your payment and billing information.
  3. Your free first month will automatically be included.

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