Looking for a unique and educational holiday gift for the child in your life? Check out ABCMouse.com through our link and save 49% on a 1-year ABCmouse subscription. Through December, you can sign up for ABCmouse for one year for just $59.95. ABCmouse can be a great supplemental learning tool when you use their interactive activities.

What’s ABCmouse?

ABCmouse features over 8,000 interactive learning activities and more than 850 lessons that teach reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music. You’ll also get unlimited access to over 1,500 videos, games, books, and more. Kids ages two through eight can learn in a safe and secure online environment.

What will I get with my ABCmouse membership?

  • Registration for up to three children, with a parent or other adult, per account.
  • Use it on a computer, iPad, or iPhone.
  • Lesson builder — this allows you to guide your child’s educational progress by selecting activities based on your child’s needs and interests.
  • Tickets and rewards system — this feature encourages children to complete learning activities and try out new ones by rewarding them with tickets.
  • Customizable avatar — this is a character that your child can choose to represent themselves while using ABCmouse.
    Interactive zoo — this feature allows children to interact with realistic zoo animals and learn facts about each animal.

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